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Shahr-e-Farang Art Gallery as the first Iranian 3D art gallery

Shahr-e-Farang was a portable devise that dates back to about 160 years ago which is abandoned with the advent of television era. Shahr-e-Farang Art Gallery tries to display a new work in the field of photo representation by combining photography and technology in the world.

Watching the images in the first 3D art gallery of Iran is such that it reminds the memory of the old peep show and therefore the title of Shahr-e-Farang is chosen for this gallery.

Shahr-e-Farang Art Gallery was founded in 2014 Mohammad Reza Shahpasand and received an official license from the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance as the first three-dimensional Iranian art gallery. In the past three years, Shahr-e-Farang Art Gallery has have been able to achieve unique records by presenting the 3D-images in a special way that the latest record of 1500 visits during 90 days of summer 2016 is significant.

The main difference in displaying works in Shahr-e-Farang Art Gallery is that its display content is not specific to a particular group, there is no restriction on anyone, and age, gender and nationality do not affect its usage. The quality of the images is so high that the audience experiences a sense of being in the photographed place and the viewer can see the image with the ultimate power of human vision.

Visitors of Shahr-e-Farang Art Gallery observe 2,500 images of Iran and its rich culture with diverse topics including Iranian nature, religious sites, historic buildings, tourist attractions, traditional clothes, Iranian food, and the world at a glance.

Shahr-e-Farang Art Gallery with the aim of promoting tourism and expressing the beauties of creation has motivated people to travel and the frequent welcome and demand has led to the establishment of branches and agencies in other cities, which is an ongoing process thanks to God.

Shahr-e-Farang Art Gallery is located in Mashhad’s Kuh-e-Sangi park and has become a tourist, artistic and cultural attraction so that many people go to Kuh-e-Sangi to visit the art gallery. Another feature of this place is that it is known as the only round the clock working Art Gallery. It is interesting to note that during the years 2014 and 2017 it has not been closed and opened to the visitor until late nights. As it is constantly updated with new themes and pictures every month, it is interesting for the visitors to come back repeatedly.

We recommend visiting this gallery to everyone and with every taste, because its visual content cannot be provided in virtual and visual networks due to its high quality and the following poem by Rumi complies with it:

What can be seen at a glance,

Cannot be expressed with words over the years